8 urinal and 4 silentis toilets!! These toilets were more powerful than the others I filmed. Two of them swirled!!! The women's restroom would've been SUPER risky if I had went in there!!!! 9/27/16

Erich Wolfgang Korngold - Abschiedslieder for Soprano and Piano, Op. 14 (1920-21)

Igor Stravinsky Les Cinq Doigts (1920-21) Andantino 00:00 Allegro 00:42 Allegretto 01:49 Larghetto 02:43 Moderato 03:59 Lento 04:49 Vivo 05:39 Pesante 06:13 Peter Hill, piano Picture: Roger Ballen, School Room, 2003 Les Cinq Doigts was written during the winter of 1920-21. Intended for children, the five fingers of the right hand often stay in the same position throughout each piece while the left hand plays a simple accompaniment. Stravinsky 'found it rather amusing, with these very much restricted means, to try to awaken in the child a taste for melodic design in its combinations with a rudimentary accompaniment'. Their beguiling simplicity should not be confused with being simplistic, and they contain passages which it could easily have come from larger works. The fourth piece, Larghetto, is redolent of The Firebird, the sixth, Lento, could have come from Petrushka and the final piece, Pesante, recalls The Rite of Spring. From Music Notes by Chris Dingle

Trois Pièces pour flûte seule (1920-21) I. Bergère captive [0:00] II. Jade [2:25] III. Toan-Yan: La fête du double cinq [4:05] A set of three pieces for solo flute in a quasi-Chinese style by French composer Pierre-Octave Ferroud (1900-1936). The composer wrote this note describing the third movement: The Toan-Yan holiday (or the day of Double Five) is celebrated in China on the fifth day of the fifth month - whence its name - and it is dedicated to the commemoration of a certain hero who flung himself into a body of water and drowned rather than submit to military dishonour. The solemnity of the holiday gives way in turn to mystical and fervid dances which symbolize the contrast between peace and war. Later in the movement, the theme marked très libre dans la mesure [] is described by the following annotation: This theme is an authentic Chinese melody that is played on the large recorder - each Chinese instrument has a monopoly on certain musical themes, on account of its form, fingering and extent. One must play it in a chanting manner [psalmodier] with extreme simplicity, and without rhythmic precision. Flute: Robert Aitken

Here is a fan I picked up at a flea market, for a pretty good deal considering its condition. Enjoy!

News Broadcast has been researched and recorded by me. First song performed by: Charles Harrison Full Song Title: Pretty Kitty Kelly Recorded in: 1920 Unfortunately there is no information available about Charles Harrison, iIf anyone could fill in the gaps I would be grateful, thank you! ------------------------------ Second song performed by: Billy Jones Full Song Title: Ma! (He's Making Eyes At Me) Recorded in: 1921 William Reese Jones (March 15, 1889 -- November 23, 1940) was a tenor who recorded during the 1920s and 1930s, finding fame as a radio star on The Happiness Boys radio program. Jones worked in such occupations as mining, banking, and blacksmithing before his 1918 recording debut. He recorded with the Cleartone Four, the Crescent Trio, the Harmonizers Quartet and the Premier Quartet, and he performed under a variety of names (Harry Blake, Billy Clarke, Lester George, Duncan Jones, Reese Jones, John Kelley, Dennis O'Malley, William Rees, Victor Roberts, Billy West, William West, and Carlton Williams). After he met Ernie Hare in 1919, they teamed in 1920 when Brunswick executive Gus Haenschen had them sing an accompaniment on a Brunswick Records recording. They went on to do numerous recordings together for Brunswick, Edison, and other companies. They began on radio October 18, 1921 on WJZ (Newark, New Jersey). Sponsored by the chain of Happiness Candy stores, they were heard on The Happiness Boys program beginning August 22, 1923 on New York's WEAF, moving to NBC from a run from 1926 to 1929. As The Happiness Boys , they sang popular tunes, mostly light fare and comic songs, and they joked with one another between numbers. By 1928, they were the highest paid singers in radio, earning $1,250 a week. The partnership ended with Hare's death on March 9, 1939. Jones continued to perform, teaming with Hare's 16-year-old daughter, Marilyn Hare, in 1939-40. He died November 23, 1940. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have. Best wishes, Stu ______________________ Please Note: I do not claim copyright or ownership of the song played in this video. All copyrighted content remains property of their respective owners.

Put a new tank on this little guy, it saved my life in 2015 for a little while, they found a 2 low grade carcinoma in my bladder, so far so good on coming back, still not out of the woods yet

Latino Soy, COLYPRO Alajuela

Podijeli slobodno: dejan.novak

Now THIS is VINTAGE!!!!! This was the restroom I filmed 4 years ago. In the Kodak hall upstairs. This gold mine features 4 urinals with horrible flushes, and 3 silentis toilets! This was the 3rd time I came back after I paid my parking ticket :(. And the microphone was fucked up. I realized it wasn't worth filming these beautiful fixtures. The only things that were replaced was the flushometers.

강찬희닷컴 핑크데이입니다

Speech to Conservative Students for a Better Tomorrow at Furman University Oct. 3.

1920 - 21 de setiembre - 2015: 95 años del Partido Comunista de Uruguay

20015/6/28、H27第63回全日本学生剣道選手権の結果・詳細は剣道総合サイトLET'S KENDOにて!! ・All Japan Kendo College Student Championships in Oosaka 【結果】【result】 男子・Men 優勝 林田匡平(筑波大学4年・島原高校出身) 1st Hayashida(Tsukuba University) 二位 梅ヶ谷翔(中央大学2年・福大大濠出身) 2nd Umegatani(Chuo University) 三位 勇 大地(早稲田大学2年・東福岡高校出身) 3rd Isami(Waseda University) 三位 竹ノ内佑也(筑波大学4年・福大大濠出身) 3rd Takenouchi(tsukuba University) ベスト8・quarterfinals 望月脩平(鹿屋体育大学3年・福岡第一高校出身) Mochiduki(National Institute of Fitness and Sports in KANOYA) 筒井雄大(筑波大学2年・秋田南高校出身) Tsutsui(Tsukuba University) 山本将弘(日本体育大学4年・日吉ヶ丘高校出身) Yamamoto(Nippon Sport Science University) 井手勝也(國士舘大学3年・福岡第一高校出身) ide(Kokushikan University) 女子・Woman 優勝 高橋萌子(法政大学4年・守谷高校出身) 1st Takahashi(Hose University) 二位 図末杏菜(平成国際大学2年・左沢高校出身) 2nd Zushi(Heisei International University) 三位 三好絢女(明治大学3年・麗澤瑞浪出身) 3rd Miyoshi(Meiji University) 三位 竹内裕貴(四条畷学園短期大学2年・東海大仰星出身) 3rd Takeuchi(Shijonawata Gakuen Junior College) 二位 図末杏菜(平成国際大学2年・左沢高校出身) ※LET'S KENDO SNS 【Twitter】 【Facebook】 【LET'S KENDOブログ】 【LET'S KENDOサテライト・ブログ】

un intento de la cumparsita con el Cuernófono que es mas duro que un Ford T

This is a clip from the movie gareghin Njdeh (2014)

Roza Eskenazi' den bir İzmir şarkısı. Bir Rebetiko. 19. yüzyılın sonlarında İstanbul'da doğdu. 2014 yılı, Rebetiko müziğinin Diva sı İstanbul doğumlu Roza Eskenazi' nin ölümünün 34. yıl dönümü. 19. yüzyıl sonlarında ve 20. yüzyıl başlarında ortaya çıkan bu müzik türüne damgasını vurmuş bu güçlü kadının yaşamı tek kelimeyle özetlenecek olursa bu kelime tutku olur. Büyük toplumsal yıkımlar yalnızca acı, önyargı, düşmanlık ve tüyler ürpertici anılar mı yaratırlar? Hayır! Birde şarkılar kalır geriye, şarkılar taşınır bir yerden ötekine; yükte hafif değerde ağır. İşte 1922 olayları sonrasında yaşanan mübadele yıllarında Kapadokya'dan İzmir'e dek türlü kentlerde yaşayan yüzbinlerce Rum,(anavatan) demelerine karşın bir türlü kaynaşamadıkları Yunanistan'a taşındılar gemi gemi, gemiler de şarkılardan başka şey yer yoktu. Göztepeliyi, AlaçatIılıyı öven şarkılardan başka. Rosa' yı dinlerken ille de Yunanca bilmek gerekmez, acı ve hasret öylesine belli eder ki kendini. Pek çok şarkıyı da Türkçe söyler, ya da her iki dilde. Arkasında çoğu Yunanca ve Türkçe 500'e yakın şarkı bırakmış. İşte bu Roza 'nın gerçek mirası. Mezarı Korint Körfezi'nde küçük bir köyde, yıldızların altında yatıyor; başında bir mezar taşı bile yok. Ercüment

Από το αρχείο της ΕΡΤ κομμάτι από την εκπληκτική ιστορική σειρά Πανόραμα του Αιώνα.1920.Ορκωμοσία Κωνσταντίνου.1921.Επιχειρήσεις στη Μικρά Ασία,Προέλαση ή άμυνα,Η Πρώτη Ήττα,Εκατονταετηρίδα 25 Μαρτίου 1921.

Esta coleccion esta en venta en memoriafilia

Навчальний відеофільм з новітньої історії України для учнів 10-х класів загальноосвітніх навчальних закладів

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